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The Best 12 Volt Shop In Winnipeg


About Us:

Our Mission:

At A-Z Electronics, our goal is to provide you with the best service in the city. With industry leading training, tools, and products you can rest assured that we are the right company for all of your electronic vehicle needs.

Message from the Owner:

A-Z Electronics started just five years ago in a residential garage from a passion for cars and electronics. I've always wanted to work on cars ever since I was little, and was always intrigued with electronics. At the age of 16 I got my first car and started taking it apart to figure out how to install an audio system. After learning so much from installing electronics in my own vehicle I decided to post an advertisement up on the internet and offer installation services to people for a bargain price. I installed electronics in my parents garage for a year before getting my first job at a professional shop, where I learned to install remote car starters and audio equipment to industry standards. A year into working for someone else

 I had a real thirst for being my own boss and running my own installation shop, and that's exactly what I did. Three years later A-Z Electronics had grown into a commercial location with a few employees serving the Winnipeg area with quality electronics and installations. 

-Zohar Davidovich 



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